Simple Component for Multilevel Navigation Menus in React

In this Blog we will create a simple application for Multilevel Navigation Menus in React Js which accepts data through props and display Nth Level Navigation Menus.
Assuming you have already using react-router-dom as we are using that to handle the Routing and Navigation Links in this demo.

So let’s get started :

Step 1: Create a MultilevelMenu.css file and put following css code :

Step 2: Create a Component Named MultilevelMenu.js with following code :

Now your Component is ready but if we click on any menu/url that there should be 2 component, 1 for Home page and 1 for other pages as per url slug passed.

Step 3: Create a simple Home Component Home.js Like this:

Step 4: Create a Page Component Page.js that will show a menu Title by its Slug using following code :

Now we are ready to Call our Multilevel menu Component

Step 5: In this Step we’ll do the changes in App.js File

First add the dummy menus data, you may get similar structure data from api as well if needed.

Now we have the data ready, Next we need to do modify our JSX return Statement like this:

Note : As we have mentioned we are using React Router Dom to handle click on various menus, Home page will show the Home component and All other multi level menus will land on Page component so that all pages can land and show page menu somewhere and we can see the menus in Action

Lets See How finally our App looks Like :

Hope This is Something Helpful to you, In case any suggestions or difficulties please let me know in comments.


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