Steps to create dynamic multilevel menu using php and mysql

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Today i am sharing you ” Steps to create dynamic multilevel menu using php and mysql” which can be called “example of recusion in php & mysql”.
What Exactly recursion is ?
Recursion is a technique or Algorithm by which we can go and return the collection of sequenced data with n depth. It is a condition based child search and return the output to the previous stepped varriable’s scope.
we can solve many of the programming problems using recursion.
In following Example we will sort out a problem where we need to show nested n number of depth relation saved in mysql menu table with having proper opening and closng the <ul> and <li> tags in html.
Following are the steps :

Step 1. Create a mysql Table in your database by executing following sql statement

Step 2.  Connect with database

Step 3. Implement the recursion logic

Step 4: Ininitialize  start the Recursion in Parent Content Holder

Step 5: Close the Mysql connection

Step 6. <ul> <li> depth css implementation in style tag in head section

Conclusion : Complete Code in one File.


Implement caching in php website

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Today i am sharing you Step by Step instructions for Implement caching in php website.
First of all we have to understand that what is cache exactly and how cache exactly works .
What is cache ?
Cache is a technique to optimize web page speed,load time and execution . it just reduces database calls and load by delivering contend by cached pages or objects which we saved in file-system or objects .We can Achieve cache with multiple logic like File Storage Cache(Most popular & this article is about itself),Object Stored cache( like Memcache),Application level cache (like Varnish Cache) ,SQL Query Cache.
Simply Cache is not a logic or program it is just a concept and that can be achieve with multiple logic or programs/techniques as above.
Now See that How Cache works with Server and Client See in Following Figure.


Now Step by Step Implement caching in php website
Step 1 : Create a Cache class with file name cache.class.php in your website root directory

Step 2 : Put Following code Before your website header file/template file or any file where you want to achieve cache.
Note : this code should be always upper from your <html> tag starts.

Step 3 : In the Footer template or page just After the </html> close tag.

Step 4 : Check you page and see that for the time you set in code or by default 1 hour you webpage will give same output for all users very quickly.
Question : how to verify that cache is implemented or not
Answer : load your webpage where you implement this cache system after it CTRL+U or see page source. in that in last of your code there will be a html comment having following text
” cached page by cache class by w3school ”
Now Enjoy the Script by

How to remove index.php from Codeigniter url

Here we will learn how to remove index.php from codeigniter url.

Each of codeigniter constructed url contains the value index.php and excluding root url. No url cannot be run without index.php

Assume a scenario , we have a website named

Where we didn’t remove the index.php from url and i have a category with following details

category name: techbuzz

So by default it’s url will create like  following

default url :

it will not run like this way

For make this possible we have to work on config and htaccess both and steps are following to achieve this task

If you are using mod_rewrite to remove the index.php in each url construct of codeigniter then you have to follow these steps:
Step 1: In CI Project root Folder of your project create a .HTACCESS file and place following code in it

Comments :: In above code myprojectname is passed with RewriteBase , which is the demo project name of our ci project,if you are running on main domain then Redirect base will be / only , or if you are running your project in any directory then you have to specify that name.
Now Step 2:
in your project >> application/config/config.php
Replace following line


Now you can run your Codeigniter project and you can see the index.php has been removed from every Controller Action

Start with AngularJs Program – Learn the Basics

AngularJs is a javascript library framework widely used for Single page application projects. it extends HTML dom with extra attributes which makes its more flexible to user end. It is a opensource library .

For learn AngularJs you should prerequisite with html,Javascript,css, and Ajax technologies . It is similiar like JQuery (another very popular javascript library). But AngularJs Comparatively More faster and optimized to rest of the javascript libraries.

More Interesting thing is that AngularJs is Promoted and Sponcered and developed by Google team. A google Engineer Started this project in 2009 , and google announced AngularJs Project in 2012.
AngularJs Extends the Html Elements with ng-directives. Some Important are following:
a) ng-app : Defines AngularJs Application
b) ng-model : Bind the value of HTML Input Controlls(Input,Select,textarea) to Application data.
c) ng-bind : binds application data to html view.
For running any angularjs program we have to add following script in html <head> section
Adding a Script from google cdn.

Now We are showing you a full Program to print name in a label or any place which we type in a textbox.


Explanation for above program:
1.AngularJs Inclusion using script tag.
2.Start ng-app in div
3.create a text input and Define its ng-model as cityname
4. bind the value of ng-model application data with p tag by defining the model name in ng-bind attribute.

Now if you Run this html then it renders a Input box ,As you will type anything then the data will be shown immediately in p tag just below the textbox. for see it in action please copy and paste this program in any blank html file and run it.

How to Make First PHP Program?

Hi Friends,

Before writing first PHP Program, you will have to set the environment. And, for make this, you need to install the Xampp server in your system.

After successful installation, we need a code editor, there are several code editors like Notepad++, Code Lobster, Netbeans etc. You can use any code editor as per your comfort for writing code.

First off, go to the drive where you have installed the Xampp server. Click on Xampp and go to the htdocs folder. But don’t forget to start Xampp control panel and Apache, MySql services before writing the code. Now create a folder for your project with any name. Suppose we create a folder name myproject.

Now inside this folder create a file name index.php. Below is the snippet for creating your first PHP program:

Program for Print Hello W3school

echo is a php function used for print/display on web browsers.

Now Run in localhost by following address


This will print the output as follows


Now we have done with “how to make first PHP program,” we will learn about the if – else statements, switch cases, array, data retrieval from database and many more, which are important to create a complete website.

How to Install Xampp Server?

XAMPP  is a free  web server package developed by Apache Friends. It consists interpreters for code written in PHP programming language, and it has few other elements also which are as follows:

  1. Apache: It’s an application server which must be installed in machine to run a PHP program.
  2. Mysql:  A database system for data storage in tables.
  3. PHP: A server side scripting language, widely used for dynamic website creation.

Now follow the link to download and install Xampp server according to your operating systems whether it is Windows, Linux or Unix.

Download Xampp from it’s Official Website click here

After downloading the setup file you can access the url by http://localhost/

Create any program or Project you can see in this article

PHP Tutorial for Beginners – An Introduction

PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) is a web development scripting language which is widely used for creating dynamic websites and portals.

It Supports oops (object oriented programming standards). Top 5 frameworks which are very popular these days in web development are written in php, which are as follows:

  • Laravel (Completely written in Symphony Objects)
  • Symphony (Very Powerful Framework)
  • CodeIgniter
  • Zend (acquired PHP itself)
  • Cake PHP

All of these frameworks follow MVC (Model,View,Controller) architecture. It also has several cms also. We are providing a brief overview here:

WordPress: It is basically built for blogging websites, but now you can make any informative web portals and using its woo-commerce extension, you can make e-commerce website also.
Joomla: Web Portal development can be used for Ecommerce and News Portal and Great CMS.
Drupal: Drupal is also most popular and advance level cms and can be used possibly for every type of web portals, including blog, magazine, newspaper, e-commerce. This can be used for any other complex cms also.

Like these cms, few shopping cart solutions are also popular in this competitive market. They are listed below
Magento: We can say it an e-commerce king as it is widely used for enterprise level e-commerce websites.
Opencart: A very lightweight cart solution and it is ready to use for medium level e-commerce projects
Prestashop: it is also very useful shopping cart solution, widely used in the United Kingdom for creating shopping websites and portals.

So, my dear friends, you have experienced our first PHP TUTORIAL. We will keep you update with our further web development tutorial series also.