API using Node js Express MongoDB

Create Restful CRUD API using Node js Express MongoDB

This tutorial is focused on Create Restful CRUD API using Node js Express MongoDB , Later on we will use these api method in our Frontend Application in Angular 6.

So lets learn how to create restful service in nodejs with express framework, and Perform Crud operations in MongoDBdata.

Prerequisites for this Application:

1) Node and Npm should be Installed in system. Following is the download Download link/instructions

2) Mongo Db should be Installed in the system. Following is the download link/instructions for it


Step 1) Create directory and Initialize NPM

After ‘Npm Init’ run it will ask for some meta information, Some fields (like test command) are optional you may leave blank by entering without any text.

In main script you need to provide the main bootstrap file for your application , i will provide index.js as main file name here.

After providing the required information it will have a composer.json file in your project like following

Step 2) Following dependencies we need to install in our project:

  • Express framework
  • Mongoose module to communicate with our already installed mongo server
  • Body-parser module to recieve the form data send by client applications to our api methods

Below are the commands to install above modules

Step 3) Now create a index.js file to create apis in it

Now create index.js file to create API using Node js Express MongoDB

Load modules and initialize express app following code will load the modules in express app

After it define the database credentials using host and db name and pass that mongodb connection url in mongoose.connect method:

After it add following 2 lines to support application/json and application/x-www-form-urlencoded type of post data in apis

Step 4) Before moving further we will require to create model for our customers data

So create a folder models and create Customers.js with following code in that file (models/Customers.js)  :

Step 5) Now in our Index.js File where we already created mongo connection there , after it we put the body parser configuration.
So after that we will include the Model which we created and create the required apis for crud oprations

After it Assign a port to your application for handeling client requests using following code

Now we will create API using Node js Express MongoDB for Create,Read,Update,Delete Operations that will use in Angular js 6 later on
Api 1: Create Customers using POST Request:

Endpoint Name : create_customer

in above method we defined the app post method with create_customer is a endpoint name.
where we will post the data as we defined the Schema for mongo db . after it we will receive that posted data using
req.body. Now create a object for Customer model by passing the request body to its Customers Model class constructer. It will returning a customer object and using that object we are calling save method and returning the response accordingly in callback method
Api 2: Select all customers using GET Request

Endpoint Name : get_all_customers


Api 3: Update customer using PUT Request

Endpoint Name : update_customer


Api 4: Delete customer using Delete Request

Endpoint Name : delete_customer

Thanks to reading out this article focuses on Creating Resful API using Node js Express MongoDB

Apart from above scenarios there may be multiple requirements, like search with name etc fields  or get specific data with id. If you need any type of help or something not clear to you, then you may put your comments below.

Click here to download full source code for create API using Node js Express MongoDB

You are now ready to with API using Node js Express MongoDB .
Following are the Postman Screenshots to test these apis respectively

create customer api call screenshot
create customer api call screenshot


Get all customers api screenshot
Get all customers api screenshot


update customer api screenshot
update customer api screenshot



delete customer api screenshot
delete customer api screenshot


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