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Publish your post /video/article/news/tutorial about any of programming language on w3school.info is a task pretty simple: only you need to do is contact our web Editors and send your material.

If you want to publish an article or video tutorial, please contact Jeetendra at jeetendra.apps@gmail.com

we will help you in the process of publishing your post and be a member of w3school Team .

And the best news: every post published (and approved) will get 1$ in started and every 1000 pageviews you will automatically earn 1$ . and this recurring income will send to you by paypal every month

The total amount you gonna receive depends on Pageviews,Ad income,Adclicks,and More visitors, So please share your posts more and write effective and unique and useful content for developers with proper demostration and code snippet tutorials.

Below are some tips of get your post approved and published on w3school.info:

  • w3school.info is a web site for software developers – do not forget that focus.
  • We approve only Original and Quality content.
  • Organize Article content in sequence/sub parts
  • There should be 1 image with article
  • Code Snippet must be included to availing transperency to your tutorial
  • If your article is published at w3school.info, please do not republish it in another website.

W3school.info Team